Is It Possible to Get Out of a Prenuptial Agreement?

Published By: Katelyn Morgan

Published date: 19-04-2024

What are prenuptial agreements, also called "pre-ups"? They are binding contracts that two people sign before they get married.

These agreements spell out what will happen with their property, bills, and money-related issues if they get divorced.

Most prenups are legally binding in the US, but there are some conditions and rules that must be met.

Family law experts say that both you and your partner must sign the prenup freely and without any pressure if you want it to stand up in court.

Also, you need to be honest about your money, like what you own, what you owe, and how much you make.

If you don't include something important, the deal might not be worth anything.

Sarah J., a well-known family law lawyer in New York City, says that prenups are legally binding agreements that need to be done properly and meet certain requirements.

She says to have an experienced lawyer look over the deal to make sure it's fair and can be enforced.

You should also finish the preparations early so you have time to think about them and make any needed changes.

Just remember that the court will look at what is best for the children first, so some parts, like child support or parenting arrangements, might not stand up in court.

Prenuptial agreements can preserve assets and clarify financial goals, but they should be utilized carefully and with legal assistance.