Am I able to marry a U.S. citizen if I enroll in DACA?

Matthew Thomas


Yes, a person with DACA can definitely marry a US citizen.

In fact, one way for DACA users to possibly get a green card and become legal permanent residents is to marry a US citizen.

The US has immigration rules that say a person with DACA can apply to become a permanent resident if they marry a US citizen.

To do this, you need to fill out and send to USCIS certain forms, like Form I-130 and Form I-485.

But keep in mind that these forms are not always approved.

The USCIS will carefully look over the marriage to make sure it is real and not just an attempt to get visa benefits.

Also, people who get DACA may have to deal with problems, like being in the US illegally, which could make it harder to adjust to their new situation.

If you have DACA and want to marry a US citizen, you should talk to an immigration lawyer who knows everything there is to know.

This is how you can get a green card. They can help you understand the rules and what's at stake.