California fathers' rights when it comes to child custody

By Katelyn Morgan


In California, the father has the same rights as the mother to see and care for the child.

Since both parents are important in a child's life, the state's family rules have changed over time.

Stephen Chen, a family law attorney in California, says that what is best for the child is what the courts use to decide who gets custody of the kid.

What they also said was that fathers have the same chances as women to fight for child-friendly custody and visitation plans.

California dads can legally and physically control their kids. Being legally responsible for a child lets them choose their school, health, and faith.

This means that the child will live with the parent most of the time.

Chen says that dads can have full custody, split custody, or even be the main caregiver if that's what works best for their family.

To show that the planned setup is good for the child, that is the most important thing.

California judges consider the child's relationship with each parent, the parents' cooperation, and abuse or neglect.

Fathers who are skilled and can give their kids a loving, safe home are more likely to get custody of their kids.

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