As the race for president heats up, Trump rekindles contentious rhetoric surrounding immigration

Published Date: 10 - 03 - 2024

12:55 AM

Former President Donald Trump has upped his attacks on migrants entering the US, warning of terrible border consequences if Biden is re-elected.

As immigration emerges as a top concern for voters, Trump has eagerly made migration central to the general election debate.

Trump has decried "migrant crime," saying immigrants are "poisoning the blood" of the nation, echoing his 2016 "rapists and criminals" rhetoric.

He has also made dubious assertions about migrants speaking unknown languages and overwhelming cities like New York.

Strategists argue that Trump's provocative language resonates with his base, driving home the perception that Biden is not prioritizing Americans.

However, the Biden campaign has condemned Trump's proposals as "racist, un-American and ineffective," accusing him of engaging in "cheap politics as usual."

With record-high apprehensions at the southern border and immigration courts overwhelmed, the issue has become a focal point for voters.

Trump's fiery rhetoric aims to capitalize on this sentiment, reigniting the divisive immigration debate that fueled his 2016 campaign.