The law in Florida about workers' compensation

By: Morgan Ferrel


Florida's Workers' Comp rules make sure that workers get money and medical care if they get hurt or sick on the job.

The Florida Workers' Comp Act controls everything and tells both companies and workers what to do.

In Florida, businesses need to have workers' compensation insurance. If a worker gets hurt on the job, it pays their hospital bills and lost wages.

It's up to the insurance company to handle the claims and give out the money.

When workers get sick or hurt on the job, they don't have to pay for their medical care. They can go to the doctor, the hospital, or therapy services for free.

They may also be able to get temporary or permanent disability payments, depending on how bad their illness or injury is.

It's pretty cool that Florida has a "no-fault" system for workers' comp.

This means that you can get benefits no matter who was at fault.

To get those benefits, just make sure you go to providers who are qualified and follow the treatment plan.

Workers' compensation protects Florida workers from workplace accidents and saves employers money.

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