5 Best Car Accident Lawyers in Philadelphia

Manoj Prasad

The city of Philadelphia is no stranger to car accidents, with recent statistics highlighting the prevalence of such incidents.

According to data, the need for reliable legal guidance in the event of a car accident is underscored by the fact that a significant number of these accidents result in severe injuries.

In light of this, individuals involved in car accidents may find it imperative to seek the expertise of seasoned car accident lawyers to navigate the complexities of filing claims against insurance providers.

In Philadelphia, several law firms specialize in personal injury and car accident cases, offering professional legal support to those in need. 

Here are five of the best car accident lawyers in Philadelphia, known for their dedication, knowledge, and commitment to advocating for the best possible outcomes for their clients:

1. Rand Spear: The Lawyer

With over 200 years of collective legal experience, the trial lawyers at Spear Greenfield have developed a reputation for aggressively fighting for their clients. Led by Rand Spear, the personal injury law firm treats each client like family.

Whether handling auto accident, slip and fall, or work injury cases, Spear and his team work tirelessly to win maximum compensation for their clients. Unwilling to settle for less, the lawyers stand ready to take on insurance companies and negligent parties.

Spear Greenfield has become one of the most trusted firms in the area through their unmatched dedication and successful track record.

Address: 1500 John F Kennedy Blvd # 200, Philadelphia, PA 19102

Phone: (215) 985-2424

Website: www.randspear.com

2. Gibbons & Crichton, Personal Injury and Accident Lawyers

Led by nationally acclaimed lawyer Tom Gibbons, Gibbons Legal P.C. has developed a reputation for securing millions of dollars in compensation for injured clients.

Whether handling car, motorcycle, or bicycle accidents, slip and falls, work injuries, medical malpractice cases, or dog attack claims, the Philadelphia-based firm provides aggressive representation to clients throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Gibbons himself has been featured extensively in local and national media outlets for his tireless advocacy and record of results.

With compassion and dedication, the Gibbons Legal team treats each client like family while working diligently behind the scenes and in the courtroom to help them obtain maximum remuneration for their injuries and suffering.

Address: One Commerce Square, 2005 Market St # 1920, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Phone: (215) 774-2584

Website: https://gibbonslegal.com

3. KaplunMarx Accident & Injury Lawyers

The personal injury lawyers at KaplunMarx have earned a sterling reputation in Philadelphia for their relentless advocacy and proven results.

Specializing in cases involving car accidents, slip and falls, rideshare incidents, work injuries, and medical malpractice, the award-winning legal team leverages decades of combined experience to take on even the largest insurance companies.

KaplunMarx prides itself on providing best-in-class service and securing maximum compensation for its clients.

The firm offers free case consultations 24/7 porque they understand that connecting injury victims with compassionate yet aggressive representation can make all the difference in whether or not they get fairly compensated for harm suffered.

Address: Injury litigation, 115 S 8th St Suite 5, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Phone: (215) 939-4895

Website: https://www.kaplunmarx.com/

4. Philadelphia Injury Lawyers P.C.

With extensive expertise in personal injury law, the atttorneys at Philadelphia Injury Lawyers P.C. have established themselves as tenacious advocates for local accident and injury victims seeking fair compensation.

Handling an array of cases including medical malpractice, slip and falls, vehicle collisions, and catastrophic events resulting in wrongful death, the firm leverages keen legal acumen and intimate familiarity with the Philadelphia legal system to take on insurance companies and negligent parties alike.

By only collecting payment if they win a case, the lawyers ensure each client can pursue justice risk-free. Backed by unwavering commitment to clients and unmatched trial experience, Philadelphia Injury Lawyers promises the best possible representation for injury remuneration.

Address: 1635 Market St 1600 Suite A, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Phone: (215) 298-9143

Website: https://philly-injury-law.com

5. Steven L. Chung, Esquire, LLC

With nearly 30 years of unparalleled legal experience under his belt, attorney Mr. Chung stands in a class of his own when it comes to securing justice and compensation for personal injury victims.

Having worked on both sides of the aisle as a former Assistant District Attorney and insurance company lawyer, he leverages insider knowledge of the system to stay steps ahead in building cases.

More courtroom savvy than most thanks to his background, Mr. Chung isn’t afraid to take on fights others would settle quickly. His office is known for maintaining open communication channels with clients while working diligently to deliver positive results.

With so much expertise on their side, local injury victims can rest assured their best interests are covered.

Address: 1515 Market St #910, Philadelphia, PA 19102

Phone: (215) 688-5777

Website: https://www.215gothurt.com

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