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Immigration attorney Matthew Thomas has 10+ years of expertise. He helps people and families navigate the complicated immigration procedure and achieve their goals. Matthew Thomas has helped customers get visas, green cards, and citizenship through comprehending U.S. immigration regulations. Matthew Thomas volunteers in community events to educate immigrants and promote awareness of immigration issues in addition to his legal practice. Matthew Thomas is a trusted immigration attorney that provides tailored and effective counsel.
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Can I Bring My Family with Me on an H-1B Visa?

The H-1B visa is one of the most sought-after temporary work permits in the United States, and it is specifically

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What is the H-1B Visa Cap and Lottery System?

U.S. immigration policy relies heavily on the H-1B visa cap and lottery system. These systems determine the annual cap on

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Understanding the Duration of an H-1B Visa: How Long Can You Stay in the United States

Temporary foreign workers may be eligible for an H-1B visa, which is a type of non-immigrant visa. With the possibility

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How Do I Qualify for an H-1B Visa?

Temporary foreign workers in some high-skilled professions are eligible for the H-1B non-immigrant visa in the United States. It is

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Can I Change Employers During the PERM Process?

For foreign nationals seeking employment-based green cards in the United States, the Permanent Labor Certification, or PERM process, is a

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What Are the Key Steps in the Perm Process?

Important to the United States' employment-based immigration system is the Perm (Program Electronic Review Management) process. To get a labor

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What is the Timeline for the Perm Process?

For those seeking permanent residency in the United States through employment, the Perm (Program Electronic Review Management) process timeline is

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Who is Eligible for the PERM Process?

When applying for employment-based permanent residency in the United States through the Department of Labor's labor certification program, the PERM

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PERM Processing Time: How Long Does it Take

A certification that is good for an undetermined amount of time is known as a PERM in the field of

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Step-By-Step Guide for Establishing a Sole Proprietorship in Ohio

Written By: Manoj Prasad, Verified By: Daniel Ross, Attorney In the state of Ohio, a sole proprietorship is a legal

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