Rights of Fathers in Texas for Child Custody

Katelyn Morgan


If a child lives with or visits a father in Texas, he has the same rights as the mother.

The state believes kids should have both parents, so it gives dads a fair chance to split custody or gain all of it when it makes sense.

In Texas, dads can get fully jointly handled guardianship, which means they can raise their kids together without any problems.

They can choose about things like faith, schools, and health care.

The father may even get sole managing guardianship, which means he has full custody of the child, if it's best for the kid.

Texas courts consider the child's needs, how effectively each parent can provide them, their bond with each parent, and any family violence or drug misuse.

Fathers are no longer automatically at a disadvantage just because they are guys, so don't worry.

The courts want to make choices about child custody that are best for each family.

Dads in Texas have the same rights and wants as moms to be involved in their kids' lives, even if the parents are getting a divorce or splitting up.

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