Australian Woman Charged With Murder Over Suspected Mushroom Poisonings

Emma Grant

LEONGATHA, Australia – An Australian woman has been charged with murdering three people and attempting to murder five others in a tragic case involving suspected poisonous mushroom ingestion.

The Accused: Erin Patterson

Erin Patterson, 49, of Leongatha, Victoria, was arrested on Thursday and charged with three counts of murder and five counts of attempted murder. The charges stem from a family lunch Ms. Patterson hosted at her home in July, during which four guests fell violently ill after eating a beef Wellington dish the accused had prepared.

Within days, two of the diners – Gail and Don Patterson, both 70 – as well as Don’s 66-year-old sister Heather Wilkinson, had died. Heather’s husband, 68-year-old Ian Wilkinson, was hospitalized in critical condition but ultimately recovered.

Ms. Patterson served the dish to her estranged husband Simon Patterson’s parents, aunt and uncle. Simon did not attend the meal.

In addition to the murder and attempted murder charges relating to the lunch incident, Ms. Patterson is accused of attempting to kill Simon on three previous occasions between November 2021 and September 2022.

The Lunch That Turned Deadly

On the day in question in July, Ms. Patterson used a mix of supermarket-bought button mushrooms and dried mushrooms purchased months earlier from an Asian grocery store to make the filling for the beef Wellington dish.

Soon after eating Ms. Patterson’s cooking, her four guests grew violently ill and had to be hospitalized. The deaths of Don and Gail Patterson and Heather Wilkinson followed within days.

Ian Wilkinson was hospitalized in critical condition after the meal but ultimately recovered. Neither Ms. Patterson nor her two children, who also ate the dish, suffered any ill effects.

A Tragic Poisoning?

Police say evidence suggests Mr. and Ms. Patterson and Ms. Wilkinson were fatally poisoned after ingesting death cap mushrooms in the meal Ms. Patterson prepared.

Death cap mushrooms are extremely toxic and contain amatoxins that can cause liver failure if eaten. As few as half a mushroom cap can be a lethal dose for adults.

Ms. Patterson maintains she never intended to poison the lunch guests, saying she herself had to be hospitalized and treated after the meal.

“I am now devastated to think that these mushrooms may have contributed to the illness suffered by my loved ones,” Ms. Patterson said in a statement in August.

A Complex Investigation

Authorities have described the case as highly complex, tragic, and likely to have ripple effects for years.

“I cannot think of another investigation that has generated this level of media and public interest, not only here in Victoria, but also nationally and internationally,” said Inspector Dean Thomas of the Homicide Squad.

Examination of evidence, including computer equipment seized from Ms. Patterson’s home, is expected to take months.

The Accused Appears in Court

On Friday, Ms. Patterson appeared briefly in a Morwell court, located about 60km from her hometown of Leongatha.

Her case was adjourned until May 3 to allow prosecutors more time for evidence analysis. Ms. Patterson did not apply for bail and remains in police custody.

She was transferred from an overnight holding cell to the courthouse through an underground tunnel, avoiding the dozens of waiting reporters and curious locals outside.

What’s Next?

The complex mushroom poisoning case has captivated Australia and drawn intense media scrutiny. As prosecutors work to analyze evidence over the coming months, many questions remain unanswered.

What motivated Ms. Patterson’s alleged actions? How exactly were the toxic mushrooms ingested by the victims? What do the additional attempted murder charges related to Ms. Patterson’s estranged husband indicate about their relationship?

The tragic loss of three lives has left communities reeling. Amid the search for answers, one thing is clear – the reverberations of this devastating event will be felt across the country for many years to come.


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