3 Best Personal Injury Attorney in Columbus, Ohio

Manoj Prasad

Personal injury lawyers are very important in Columbus, Ohio’s Royal Legal Community. They protect the rights of people who have been hurt by someone else’s actions.

The Ohio State Bar Association says that in the Greater Columbus area, there are more than 1,200 personal accident lawyers. But not every lawyer is the same.

We chose three of the best personal injury lawyers in Columbus based on their great track records, ethical practices, and reputations in the field to help you find your way through this busy field.

The professionals in these top reviews have made millions of dollars by making smart decisions and planning ahead and using their strong probability and disambiguation skills to get the best results for their businesses.

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1. Schiff & Associates Co., LPA


When you’ve been hurt, it’s critical to retain the assistance of an experienced attorney. Who can explain your legal choices and battle on your side? Their Columbus individual injury lawyers with Schiff & Associates have been assisting Central Ohio citizens for above 38 years.

Regarding cases of bodily injury including wrongful murder, they offer high-quality professional representation plus services to their clients. Their law team serves people who have been hurt in a variety of circumstances. And can help you get again on your own.

Β They’ve helped their clients recover thousands of dollars throughout damages because they can concentrate on getting better. Clients who deal with Schiff and Partners benefit through a formidable legal team combining expertise.

As well as decades of experience protecting the interests of wounded Central Ohio citizens. When you’ve been injured and aren’t certain what else to do, contact Schiff & Associates right away.

Address: 115 W Main St #100, Columbus, OH 43215

Open Hours: 24 Hours

Phone: 614-826-7044

Website: https://scottschiff.com

2. Kisling, Nestico & Redick


This personal injury law firm in Ohio has years of expertise handling personal injury cases. They’ve helped a lot of people get the recompense they deserved after being hurt by somebody else ‘s negligence. Contact Kisling, Nestico, and Redick today for a free personal assessment to explore your legal alternatives.

Although, upon closer examination, you may discover that one company is better suited to your needs than competitors. They provide free first case consultations with Kisling, Nestico, and Redick.

Because you can get solutions to unanswered concerns and understand why you must contact them to handle your claims. Continue scrolling to find out the solution to the question, “Why employ KNR?”

Their best personal lawyers can help you collect the reimbursement. You need whether you were harmed at employment, inside a car collision, on someone else’s land, or somewhere else.

Address: 1105 Schrock Rd Suite 600, Columbus, OH 43229

Open Hours: 24 Hours

Phone: 614-487-8669

Website: https://www.knrlegal.com/columbus-office/

3. O’Connor, Acciani & Levy


Since an incident, the minutes, days, or even months that follow can be daunting. It is critical to have a respected Columbus individual injury attorney with your team. To ensure that your interests are safeguarded.

They realize that you want to put the incident beyond you as soon as possible. Therefore they would work promptly and thoroughly to assist you to settle your case. You may rest assured that they could handle your matter with care and devotion every inch of the process.

They will negotiate immediately with the healthcare company as expert negotiators. Allowing you may concentrate on what matters most: your health. While their injury lawyers are ready to resolve your case independently of the courthouse.

If indeed the insurance carrier fails to pay you exactly the amount of reimbursement you need. They will bring your matter to court.

About O’Connor, Acciani, and Levi, we prioritize your needs. And accomplish everything possible to assist you to get the reimbursement you deserve.

Address: 10 W Broad St Suite 1170, Columbus, OH 43215

Open Hours: 24 Hours

Phone: 614-545-7075

Website: https://www.oal-law.com

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