3 Best Personal Injury Attorney in Indianapolis – Updated December 2022

Manoj Prasad

We’ve researched over 100 best personal injury attorney in Indianapolis, and out of these, we selected the 3 best and most popular injury attorney in the city. We also added 5 additional injuries or accident attorney profiles or law firms.

We selected these personal injury attorney from Indianapolis city based on their reviews, ratings, history, complaints, cost, customer satisfaction, etc. Our research team used more than 50 such key points to make this list.

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Truck drivers frequently contact truckers as soon as an accident occurs. They would respond as promptly as feasible and would do all necessary to reduce your chances of going to court. The bodily injury lawyers have witnessed trucking companies concealing or tampering with evidence, as well as making modifications to faulty vehicles after an incident.

In addition to Car Incidents, Truck Accidents, including Wrongful Death Claims, lawyers have unrivaled experience in resolving and settling all types of bodily injury incidents in which somebody’s negligence causes damage or death. Let’s look into some of the good lawyers:-

1. Isaacs & Isaacs Personal Injury Lawyers


Darryl Isaacs along with his late dad, Sheldon N. Isaacs, co-founded Isaacs and Isaacs firm in 1993. Dozens of people have benefited from our services over the last 20 decades, and we have recovered excess than $1 billion from clients throughout Kentucky, Indiana, plus Ohio. For more than two decades, Isaacs & Isaacs have been helping victims throughout Kentucky, Indiana, plus Ohio win bodily injury claims.

They were familiar with the catastrophic injuries and agony that automobile accidents, trucking accidents, as well as other bodily injury disasters may bring. They also recognize that the psychological, as well as emotional effects, can be equally as damaging as the physical ones.

Anxiety and sadness over missed jobs, income, and the possible lifetime effect on your illness, as well as sleepless evenings dealing with insurance providers, bills, paperwork, but rather red tape. Now is the moment to contact Isaacs and Isaacs.

Address: 201 N Illinois St Suite 1617, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Open Hours: 24 Hours

Phone: 800-333-9999

Website: http://wewin.com/

2. Craig, Kelley, and Faultless LLC


They take on the Harshest Personal Injuries and Truck Accidents Cases. Please reach us at this Indiana Truck Accidents site for more details, or watch the clip above to discover why it’s critical to call an Indianapolis bodily injury attorney for a claim evaluation as soon as possible after a truck accident affecting you or even a beloved one.

They have effectively handled several truck crashes as well as other bodily injury claims in Indianapolis with Craig, Kelley & Infallible LLC. When a truck incident happens, truck operators usually contact drivers. They must react as quickly as possible and do everything possible to decrease your odds of having to go to justice.

The injury attorneys have seen trucking firms conceal or interfere with proof, as well as modify defective trucks after an accident. For more information, see the Indiana Trucks Accidents FAQs page, or view the video above to learn why it’s vital to contact an Indianapolis personal injury lawyer as quickly as possible following a truck accident that has injured you or a close one.

Craig, Kelly & Infallible LLC has successfully handled multiple truck accidents and related bodily damage lawsuits throughout Indianapolis.

Address: 5845 Lawton Loop E Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46216

Open Hours: 24 Hours

Phone: 888-673-7275

Website: https://www.ckflaw.com/

3. Hurst Limontes LLC


Hurst Limontes LLC devotes all of its resources to representing wounded Indiana residents. They can be certain that with over 70 years of cumulative expertise including hundreds of millions of dollars collected for our customers, they could assist you to handle your accident claim.

They’ve defended Hoosiers involving car accidents, slips as well as falls, wrongful death lawsuits, and a variety of other injury situations. From the instant you approach each other for the first moment until their case is completed; you will be treated as if you were a member of our household.

The agency was hired for no money up ahead. They operate on a cost-reimbursement basis, which means you simply pay us even if we successfully settle or win your case.

Whether they are unable to win a favorable settlement as well as judgment for you, they will cover the expenses of ordering medical documentation, filing the claims, employing experts, overthrowing witnesses, and perhaps other litigation expenses.

Address: 50 S Meridian St Suite 600, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Open Hours: 24 Hours

Phone: (317) 636-0808Β Β Β 

Website: https://billhurst.com

5 Additional Personal Injury Lawyers in Indianapolis

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