Elon Musk Seeks to Block Deposition in Defamation Lawsuit Over X Posts

Emma Grant

Elon Musk is fighting in Texas court to stop these people from trying to fire him due to a defamation lawsuit. They are saying that he is spreading lies on his social media and other things.

In October 2022, a 22-year-old man named Benjamin Brody from California filed a lawsuit. He is saying that Musk lied about attending a street fight in Oregon for a neo-Nazi gang in June 2022. Brody says…

Musk’s post read, “Looks like he’s a college student (interested in government stuff).” Brody claims he was named in that statement and now wants over $1 million from Musk for being ridiculously careless. To support his lawsuit, Broidy also filed a motion to remove Musk from his position.

In his latest court filing on Monday, billionaire CEO Musk said that trying to interrogate him under oath was a way to harass him and make him spend more money on legal things. Musk has been very clear that he said nothing disparaging about Brody. His reaction said it all.

Two lawyers on Musk’s legal team, who are from California law firm Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, did not immediately respond when we reached out for comment. Similarly, we did not receive a response from Brody’s attorney when we requested comment.

Musk is being sued over his controversial posts when he is planning to buy the platform for $44 billion next year. They are intended to support free speech, but some also criticize the platform for spreading extremist views and false information.

The X has gone ahead to sue media Watchdog Media Matters and Center for Countering Digital Hate, claiming that they are spreading wrong information and Musk making fake claims about the amount of harmful materials on their platforms.

This whole legal drama between Musk and Brody may come down to the specific words used on the X. But Musk’s efforts to avoid testifying have also made it difficult to gather solid evidence about what he actually meant or knew about the post that caused all this uproar. ,

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