Breaking Legal News: Florida Supreme Court Takes Action Against These 15 Attorneys

Emma Grant

The Supreme Court of Florida handed out various disciplinary measures against 15 Florida attorneys between June 6 and August 24. There have been a total of ten disciplinary actions taken against legal professionals, including four disbarments, three revocations, six suspensions, and two public censures. Explore the courtroom action down below.


1. Benjamin Waldo Buck Jr. – A Chance at Redemption

  • Admitted: 2015
  • Disciplinary Revocation with leave to seek readmission after five years.
  • Buck faced allegations of client neglect, communication failures, and multiple court no-shows.

2. Teresa Marie Gaffney – A Permanent End

  • Admitted: 1984
  • Permanent Disbarment.
  • Gaffney’s misconduct included delay tactics, disparaging remarks about the judiciary, and conduct against honesty and justice.

3. Wayne Vincent Harper – Immediate Disbarment

  • Admitted: 2004
  • Disbarred immediately.
  • Harper failed to comply with court-mandated terms and conditions.

Palm Beach

4. Kyle Charles Young – A Shady Loan Application

  • Admitted: 2008
  • Disciplinary Revocation with leave to apply for readmission.
  • Young faces criminal charges for fraudulent loan misrepresentations.

5. Frank T. Noska – Silence Leads to Suspension

  • Admitted: 1982
  • Suspended until further court order.
  • Noska’s failure to respond to legal proceedings landed him in contempt.

West Palm Beach

6. Marc S. Reiner – A Lesson in Accountability

  • Admitted: 2008
  • Public reprimand, with educational mandates.
  • Reiner’s GPS-tracked client meetings raised questions about his conduct.

Boynton Beach

7. Joshua Todd Hill Hauserman – A Hasty Disbarment

  • Admitted: 2007
  • Disbarred immediately.
  • Hauserman failed to comply with court-mandated conditions.


8. Adres Jaqueen Jackson-Whyte – Trust Funds Misappropriated

  • Admitted: 2009
  • Disbarment.
  • Jackson-Whyte mismanaged trust funds and destroyed client records during an ongoing investigation.
  • Admitted: 2008
  • Six-month suspension.
  • Nwosuocha’s frivolous lawsuit and failure to pay ordered amounts led to his suspension.

Fort Lauderdale

10. Kevin Lawrence Hagen – Securities Fraud Conviction

  • Admitted: 1994
  • Disciplinary Revocation with leave to seek readmission after five years.
  • Hagen’s conviction for securities fraud led to his legal downfall.


11. Lee Segal – A Year of Suspension

  • Admitted: 2007
  • One-year suspension.
  • Segal engaged in misconduct, including conflicts of interest and misrepresentations to the courts.


12. Paul Wesley Darby – A Rollercoaster Ride

  • Admitted: 2009
  • Ten-day suspension and probation with monitoring.
  • Darby’s legal troubles included reckless driving, leaving the scene of a crash, and a DUI.


13. Kaysia Monica Earley – Ethics School Required

  • Admitted: 2014
  • Public reprimand with educational mandates.
  • Earley engaged in campaign misconduct during a judicial election.


14. Lisa Jacobs – A 91-Day Suspension

  • Admitted: 1999
  • Ninety-one-day suspension.
  • Jacobs failed to comply with court-mandated conditions.


15. Philip Sean Karle – A 10-Day Suspension

  • Admitted: 2007
  • Ten-day suspension with office procedures analysis.
  • Karle’s case-management conference no-shows led to disciplinary action.

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