Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Files Ethics Complaint Against Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

Emma Grant

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga) unexpectedly found herself in the middle of a scandal when the attorney for Hunter Biden, Abbe David Lowell, filed an ethics complaint against her.

The incident occurred when Greene showed intimate images of Hunter Biden to lawmakers. Let’s investigate this developing drama and its possible effects on the House of Representatives.

A Shocking Display in Congress

Rep. Greene made news when he presented obscene pornographic photographs he claimed to have discovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop at a House Oversight and Accountability Committee hearing.

While other people’s faces were obscured by black boxes, Biden’s was not. Immediately, Democrats voiced their disapproval, asking whether or not this kind of behavior is suitable during formal hearings.

Attorney Abbe David Lowell for Hunter Biden was quick to criticize Representative Greene’s behavior. His first response was to file an ethics complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE), where he argued that Greene’s actions were unethical and a flagrant breach of House Ethics standards. Lowell insisted that the OCE issue a strong reprimand and punishment for her behavior.

Allegations of wrongdoing by members of Congress, House officials, or employees are investigated by the nonpartisan and impartial Office of Congressional Ethics. The OCE has the authority to refer cases to the Ethics Committee for additional review and action.

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Allegations Against Hunter Biden

Two IRS whistleblowers testified before Congress, claiming that prosecutors had been dragging their feet in their probe into Hunter Biden. Rep. Greene centered her interrogation on claims that Biden’s corporation made unauthorized deductions for payments to prostitutes.

However, the IRS officers were unable to verify this assertion, leading to a further backlash against Greene’s motives.

According to Lowell, what Representative Greene did was not only unethical but might perhaps be criminal. He drew attention to a federal statute prohibiting the distribution of pornographic material to children, alleging that Greene had sent a fundraising email that included pornographic photos.

Lowell said that Greene’s actions merit an investigation by the OCE, citing an earlier instance involving Representative Matt Gaetz as an example.

Rep. Greene’s Controversial History

This is not the first time Rep. Greene‘s ethics have been called into question. She has been called out before for making false claims, spreading rumors, and making personal assaults on Hunter Biden and his loved ones.

Even more so now that she has been expelled from the hardline House Freedom Caucus.

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