Memphis Gang Members Face Murder Charges in Superseding Federal Indictment

Emma Grant

Vice Lords gang members are facing tougher consequences under new federal charges for a revenge killing they committed to gain more respect within their gang. Yesterday, a new indictment was filed in Memphis, Tennessee, charging Edward Earl Allen Jr., 40, of San Bernardino, California, Vincent Grant, 40, of Memphis, and DeAndre Rogers, 27.

A one-year-old boy, also from Memphis, is accused of using a firearm to cause death. This is related to a violent crime. If found guilty, each of them could face life in prison or even the death penalty.

According to the US Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Tennessee, the three men are allegedly part of the unidentified Vice Lords – Ghost Mob crew, which is like a super aggressive offshoot of the Vice Lords gang that originated in Chicago.

Lawyers claim that the UVL-Ghost Mob was originally a group of criminals roaming around Memphis and the surrounding area, committing all types of illegal acts such as murder, robbery and selling drugs.

The new indictment claims Allen, Grant and Rodgers intentionally shot someone to gain entry into the UVL-Ghost Mob and enhance their reputation. Authorities have not released the identity of the victim or when the alleged murder occurred.

“An unknown street gang, the Vice Lords, carries out violent criminal activity in Memphis and throughout the Western District of Tennessee,” Acting Assistant Attorney General Nicole M. Argentieri said in a statement. β€œToday, we are announcing indictments against three defendants for allegedly committing murders to advance their ranks within a gang.”

Federal prosecutors see this indictment as the first indictment against UVL-Ghost Mob members under a new initiative to combat violent crimes, which they are pursuing in collaboration with local law enforcement agencies such as the Memphis Police Department and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Have been.

β€œWhen we announced the Memphis Violent Crime Initiative, we promised to double down on our commitment to ensuring that families feel safe in their homes and children can safely walk our streets without the threat of gang violence . Playable,” said U.S. Attorney Kevin G. Ritz.

Memphis and other cities have struggled with an increase in violent crime and murders over the past few years. According to authorities, the main reason for this is the ongoing beef between street gangs such as the Vice Lords, the drug scene and personal grudges.

Laws such as the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act are intended to catch leaders of criminal gangs and prevent them from causing more trouble.

“The criminal misuse of weapons by convicted criminals to commit premeditated murder has had a devastating impact on the Memphis community,” said ATF Special Agent in Charge Marcus Watson.

As part of the new plan to tackle violent crimes, experienced federal prosecutors will join local district attorney offices to handle more cases involving the most serious violent crimes, such as murder, gun trafficking and organized crime.

Its purpose is to keep the most dangerous criminals away for long periods of time, with federal prison sentences ranging from 10 years to life in prison.

U.S. Attorney Ritz issued a stern warning to the gangs, saying: “We will continue to bring cases like this and hold violent gang members accountable for their actions.”

The initiative is also about stepping up and stopping gangs from recruiting and causing trouble. They are working closely with people in the community to prevent this from happening. The goal is to tackle things like education, mental health support, addiction help and job opportunities that can help at-risk youth and make neighborhoods safer from gang violence.

“Young people are seeing the impact of gangs in their neighborhoods and in their schools and realizing they don’t want to go down that path,” said Harold Collins, a community worker who helps formerly incarcerated people. , he said. He said. β€œBut they need positive alternatives and role models.”

Federal and local officials are emphasizing that uniting their law enforcement efforts and connecting with the community will permanently reduce violent crime levels and give the public a sense of safety. However, pulling this off will only be possible if everyone is on one accord and fully invested.

The dropping of federal charges against three members of the UVL for a brutal gang-related murder clearly demonstrates that the law is serious about dealing with violent crimes.

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