Record Fentanyl Bust in San Diego County: 720,000 Pills Seized

Manoj Prasad
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Alpine, CA – They are saying this is the largest fentanyl bust since the new anti-fentanyl task force started in 2022. They seized more than 720,000 pills that can kill you in San Diego County last week. The major discovery came as they were working together to crack down on fentanyl dealers and networks.

On Friday, police found a car in Alpine and arrested the driver. It was discovered that the vehicle was loaded with 150 pounds of fentanyl pills. The California Attorney General’s Office revealed that the shipment contained more than 720,000 doses that could have been fatal.

Attorney General Rob Bonta said, “This is the largest seizure of fentanyl since the Department of Justice’s Fentanyl Enforcement Program began working with the Multi-Agency Fentanyl Eradication and Suppression Team Task Force.”

“Fentanyl remains the most lethal drug threat to our state. I am proud of the work our agents and law enforcement partners are doing to combat the flow of illicit fentanyl into California.”

The pills that were seized were marked with “M30” to look like genuine oxycodone pills. But when they were tested, it was discovered that they were actually composed entirely of fentanyl, a super strong synthetic opioid that is 50 times more powerful than heroin. Even small doses can be fatal.

The pills were divided into 110 plastic-wrapped packages, cleverly hidden inside the vehicle that was intercepted. Overall, according to DEA Special Agent Bill Bodner, this seizure prevented more than 150 pounds of fentanyl from moving into the neighborhood and “probably saved many lives”.

Fentanyl is flowing into the country from the southern border like never before. It is being manufactured illegally at low cost and is depleting the supply of illegal drugs. In recent years, there has been a sharp increase in fatal fentanyl overdoses across all types of groups.

This major seizure was due to some investigative operations by F.A.S.T. The task force works with local agencies to crack down on fentanyl. They began working together in 2022 to disrupt fentanyl trafficking routes from San Diego to other parts of California.

The man they arrested will be charged with selling drugs and carrying a large quantity of drugs. This case shows how those fentanyl dealers will not stop trying to sell lethal doses, even when all efforts are made to stop them. Police are asking everyone to report anything suspicious involving fentanyl, so we can get that poison off the streets.

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