Sacramento Police Take Deadly Nightclub Shooting Case to America’s Most Wanted in Search for Answers

Manoj Prasad

Nearly two years after 31-year-old high school football coach Greg “Najee” Grimes was tragically shot and killed outside a downtown Sacramento nightclub, police are still searching for clues in the case.

Now, they’re taking their investigation to the next level by featuring it on America’s Most Wanted in hopes of finally getting the breakthrough they need.

On a fateful night in 2022, Grimes was gunned down on the corner of 15th and L Streets following an altercation outside the club. The beloved coach, known for giving back to the community and working closely with youth, lost his life much too soon.

While the Sacramento Police Department has been investigating the homicide since it occurred, no arrests have been made and the killer remains at large.

That’s why they are now teaming up with America’s Most Wanted to put a spotlight on the case. Police have identified 29-year-old Tahje Michael as a person of interest who may be connected to the deadly shooting.

Authorities believe Michael is armed and dangerous and are encouraging him to come forward to provide his side of the story. As Sgt. Anthony Gamble stated, police want to “figure out what happened and get your side of the story.”

For the Grimes family, having to live nearly two years without knowing who took Najee’s life or why has been agonizing. His mother Deborah told reporters, “Somebody needs to step forward. That’s what we’re hoping for.

That’s what we’re believing is going to happen. This is not a game. There is no coming back from death.” She went on to say, “He was our only son. So this opportunity is an opportunity for justice for him.”

By featuring the case on a high-profile show like America’s Most Wanted, Sacramento PD is hoping to jog someone’s memory or finally get the tip they need to make an arrest. As Gamble explained, there is a “great deal of concern for the community” as well as for Najee’s loved ones. Bringing closure to this case is a top priority.

In Najee’s memory, his family has established the Greg “Najee” Grimes 212 Anchor Foundation which provides scholarships to student athletes and hosts workshops on life-saving emergency tactics. For them, it’s about keeping their loved one’s spirit alive by helping the community he loved. As Deborah Grimes stated, “We want justice. Bottom line.”

For anyone with information that may help break open this case, Sacramento PD urges you to come forward now. Tips can be called into their dispatch center at 916-808-5471.

With America’s Most Wanted now on the case, authorities are hopeful they will finally get the break they need to make an arrest and provide justice for Najee Grimes and his grieving family.

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