San Diego: Toddler’s Tragic Fall at Mexico Hotel Ends in Settlement

Manoj Prasad
Photo: San Diego Union-Tribune

A San Diego couple and Hyatt Hotels Corporation have reached an agreement and privately settled their lawsuit. This ends the legal dispute that followed the heartbreaking incident where their 1-year-old son fell from the balcony on the ninth floor of the Hyatt Ziva resort in Mexico.

James Carter and Anastasia Duboshina decided to sue in October 2023, almost two years after their child Nico had a minor accident and fell from the balcony at the Hyatt Ziva in Puerto Vallarta. He claimed Nico fell through a gap where there was no safety glass panel.

“Nico and I were in the elevator bay area right next to our room, and there’s a balcony area where you can see the ocean view,” Carter told in an interview in October. “We’re on the ninth floor, and she and I were just talking, and we’re looking at the ocean and the next thing you know, she’s gone.”

The family, who lives in Carmel Valley, chose the Hyatt Place because they felt it would be a safe option for their child. Duboshina and Carter previously stayed at the Hyatt in Miami and were really impressed by how seriously they took safety measures.

β€œWe chose the Hyatt specifically for their safety and because it’s a kid-friendly resort, and that’s exactly what we wanted to do, take our son with us to a safe place and enjoy the beach and be there for his Spend quality time together. ” describe.

Details of the settlement were not mentioned in court documents filed this week in the Southern District of California. The lawsuit was handled by Casigieri law firm, but they did not want to comment when we contacted them. We also could not get any comment from Hyatt Hotels Corporation.

The lawsuit claims Nico’s death was caused by negligence and seeks money for damages. Duboshina and Carter shared that losing their beloved child has completely shattered their lives.

Although money can’t compensate for the terrible accident, this settlement may give Nico’s parents some sense of justice and closure. This situation reminds hotels and resorts to check safety measures and be more vigilant about keeping their young guests safe.

Losing a child is the biggest fear for every parent. Sadly, Duboshina, Carter, and little Nico’s extended family experienced this heartbreaking tragedy in October 2021. However, they did not back down and fought for justice through legal means. The recent settlement proves that even big companies can be held accountable when their negligence costs lives.

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