5 Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in San Antonio

Manoj Prasad

Over 20,000 people were arrested in San Antonio in 2022, so it can be hard to deal with the law. To make sure of this and get the best results, you should hire a good criminal defense lawyer. Luckily, some of the best lawyers in this field work in San Antonio.

There are 5 great criminal defense lawyers in this article. These lawyers are known for always putting their clients first and being very good at what they do. We used up-to-date court records and lawyer reviews to help you pick the best lawyer for your needs.

These excellent lawyers can give you a strong case whether you are charged with a minor or major crime.

1. Dunham & Jones, Attorneys at Law, P.C.

Dunham & Jones, Attorneys at Law, P.C.
Dunham & Jones, Attorneys at Law, P.C.
Dunham & Jones, Attorneys at Law, P.C.

There is a great reputation for Dunham & Jones as a top criminal defense company in San Antonio and beyond. A strong group of lawyers, led by the well-known and respected Ivan Barrera, are working hard to protect the accused’s rights.

Because he is very knowledgeable about a lot of different charges, from DWI to attack, he has a history of getting good results for his clients.

Time and Newsweek have given them awards for success, which makes them a useful resource for anyone who needs legal help.

Contact Details:

Address: 112 E Pecan St Suite 555, San Antonio, TX 78205

Phone: (210) 777-7777

Website: https://www.dunhamlaw.com

2. BRCK Criminal Defense Attorneys

When it comes to criminal defense, BRCK Criminal Defense Attorneys is the best law company in Atascosa County. This hardworking group, led by Stephen Barrera and Christopher Cavazos, handles a wide range of tasks with skill and care.

They can help you with everything from DWI to more major crimes. BRCK is all about putting customers first and getting the best results possible.

They offer flexible payment plans and free evaluations. Their doors are always open to anyone who needs strong legal help.

Contact Details:

Address: 12703 Spectrum Dr STE 102, San Antonio, TX 78249

Phone: (210) 874-5080

Website: www.brckdefense.com

3. Del Cueto Law Firm

This law firm is unique because it has a strong group of lawyers who are ready to fight hard for their clients. They have Andrew Del Cuoto, who used to be a lawyer and knows everything there is to know about the law.

Rolando Ramos is also one of the best criminal defense lawyers in San Antonio. Joey Contreras has been a lawyer for a long time and has handled hundreds of cases. Jason Todd has a unique point of view because he used to be a lawyer.

This company fights for their clients, and they take on all kinds of cases, from criminal defense to civil claims. Their track record is great, and they always put their clients first.

Contact Details:

Address: 823 Hoefgen Ave, San Antonio, TX 78210

Phone: (210) 761-6004

Website: www.ramosdelcueto.com

4. The Law Office of Jesse Hernandez

The Law Office of Jesse Hernandez is here to help you if something bad happens and you are charged with a crime. A former public defender runs this well-known and respected San Antonio company.

They know a lot about the legal system and have years of experience fighting for their clients in court. South African Magazine named them one of the best law companies for criminal defense.

Jesse Hernandez and his team know how to protect your rights whether you are charged with a DWI, drugs, or a dangerous crime. You can always reach them, and they put their clients first, working hard to get you the best result possible.

Contact Details:

Address: 3107 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78209

Phone: (210) 807-8656

Website: www.jessehernandezlaw.com

5. The Law Office of Guillermo Lara Jr.

If you are being charged with a crime, the Law Office of Guillermo Lara Jr. is here to help. They understand how hard it can be for both the accused and their family.

Lara and her team will do everything they can to keep you from getting the harshest punishments possible, no matter what you’re charged of. He cares about people and knows a lot about the rules.

Their goal is to find the best answer for you, make you feel better, and give you the safety you need. You can count on them to be fair with your case.

Contact Details:

Address: 310 S St Mary’s St Suite 965, San Antonio, TX 78205

Phone: (210) 201-7599

Website: www.sacriminalatty.com

Frequently Ask Questions

  1. What should I do if I’m caught or accused of a crime?

    Remember that you shouldn’t talk to the cops without a lawyer. Tell them politely that you won’t say anything and that you want a lawyer. Don’t try to explain things yourself; let the expert take care of it.

  2. When should I get in touch with a criminal defense lawyer after being arrested?

    Without being publicly charged yet, it’s still a good idea to talk to a lawyer right away. Making a defense plan early on can have a big impact on how your case turns out.

  3. Will my case go to trial, or should I accept a plea bargain?

    When we look at each case, we think about things like how strong the proof is, what kind of punishment you might get, and your personal situation. A lawyer who knows everything about the law can help you decide if you should go to court or try to make a deal.

  4. What are some commonly used defense strategies in criminal cases?

    Depending on the crime you’re facing, you may be able to use holes in the prosecution’s case as part of your defense, plead guilty to show your innocence, show that you didn’t mean to break the law, argue for self-defense, or Could also mean looking to authority. violations that happened while you were being arrested or questioned.

  5. How can I find out how much it costs to have a lawyer defend me in a criminal case?

    A lot of criminal defense lawyers will meet with you for free to talk about your case. Then they will talk about their prices, which could be a flat fee or by the hour, based on how tough your case is.

  6. Can I get charges dropped or reduced based on first-time offender status?

    Depending on the charges, first-time criminals may be able to get help through diversion programs, have their cases put off, or get lighter sentences. Talk to your lawyer to find out if you qualified.

  7. What happens if I’m convicted? Can the firm assist with appeals?

    If convicted, the firm can review your case for grounds to file an appeal challenging the verdict or sentence based on errors in trial proceedings or judicial rulings. The appeals process is complex but offers opportunities for reversed convictions.

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