The 5 Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Houston

Manoj Prasad

Finding yourself facing criminal charges can be an intimidating and overwhelming experience. The consequences at stake make identifying the right legal advocate to fight for your rights and freedom essential.

When only the strongest defense representation will do, look no further than our list of Houston’s top 5 criminal defense lawyers leading the way. Backed by extensive experience inside courtrooms as well as positive case results for past clients, these distinguished attorneys have earned recognition among peers as among the city’s leading experts defending the accused.

Whether charged with state crimes or facing federal prosecutors, these brilliant legal minds have proven their ability to deliver wins.

1. Dunham & Jones

Address:Β 2323 S Shepherd Dr # 1400, Houston, TX 77019

Phone:Β (713) 999-9999


According to their advertising, Dunham & Jones positions itself as an award-winning criminal defense and DWI law firm that has been practicing for over 30 years. They state that their number one goal is to get charges dismissed or reduced for their clients.

The firm promises free initial consultations to review cases in depth, with flexible payment options requiring no money down.

Dunham & Jones markets its services as voted the best DWI lawyers, targeting potential clients who have been arrested or charged with DWI or other criminal offenses and seek experienced legal representation to minimize penalties.

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2. The Law Office of David A. Breston

Address:Β 1820 W Bell St, Houston, TX 77019

Phone:Β (713) 224-4040


The Law Office of David A. Breston advertises itself as an established criminal defense law firm based in Houston that provides legal representation to clients facing criminal charges or under investigation by law enforcement.

Targeting those arrested or accused of crimes in Houston, Harris County, and elsewhere in Texas, they market their services as an experienced attorney ready to handle each case.

Positioning themselves as an immediate resource for those in need of criminal defense counsel, The Law Office of David A. Breston urges potential clients to consult with them right away if charged with a crime or notified about a criminal investigation.

3. The Martinez Law Firm – Houston DWI Lawyer

Address:Β 2617 Canal St, Houston, TX 77003

Phone:Β (713) 242-1779


The Martinez Law Firm positions itself as a criminal defense practice focused on DWI cases and led by attorney Herman Martinez’s 25 years of experience. Marketing to the Greater Houston Area, they state their legal team aims to safeguard the rights and freedoms of clients facing criminal charges.

As a boutique firm specializing in DWIs, The Martinez Law Firm targets potential clients such as drivers arrested on suspicion of intoxicated driving who need strong legal advocates on their side.

They promote Herman Martinez as an expert Houston DWI lawyer with the experience to mount an aggressive defense for clients facing drunk driving charges.

4. Benavides Law Group

Address:Β 2180 N Loop W #310, Houston, TX 77018

Phone:Β (713) 222-2828


Benavides Law Group, led by attorney Eric Benavides, promotes itself as an elite Houston criminal defense and DWI firm. Marketing Mr. Benavides as having received numerous accolades and honors, such as being named a Rising Star Super Lawyer and top lawyer by organizations like the National Trial Lawyers Association, they position him as a uniquely qualified advocate.

Offering aggressive legal representation for those facing criminal charges or DWI offenses in Houston, the firm targets potential clients in need of defense counsel with credentials that set Benavides Law Group apart. They urge readers to view past client testimonials and contact their office directly if arrest warrants legal assistance.

5. Thiessen Law Firm

Address:Β 733 E 12th 1/2 St, Houston, TX 77008

Phone:Β (713) 864-9000


Positioning itself as an experienced and aggressive criminal defense firm prioritizing client outcomes, Thiessen Law Firm markets its team of expert, award-winning attorneys as fiercely advocating for dismissals or favorable results.

Targeting those charged with crimes and needing skilled legal representation, they promote taking time to understand cases fully and never backing down from trial if deals are unsatisfactory. As a distinguished Houston criminal defense practice devoted to quality over volume, Thiessen states round-the-clock availability to each client.

The firm presents an image of tough, relentless lawyers who fight hard for positive resolutions, whether charges get dismissed or sentences minimized through strong negotiation.

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