5 Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Austin

Manoj Prasad

The criminal justice system is very complicated, and it takes a lot of legal knowledge and a strong dedication to representing clients. Austin is known for its lively atmosphere and different communities.

Recently, a small group of criminal defense lawyers have become very popular. These lawyers are known for being very good in court and always fighting for justice.

These famous lawyers give people who are facing criminal charges hope, whether they are in a high-stakes felony hearing or a complicated misdemeanor case.

Check out the profiles of Austin’s best criminal defense lawyers. Their unwavering commitment and deep knowledge of the law have made them known as the city’s most trusted legal guardians.

1. The Law Office of Kevin Bennett

Kevin Bennett runs a law firm where zealously representing clients is the most important thing. Clear communication is key to keeping everyone informed as a case moves forward.

He is very good at defending people against a wide range of charges, from DWI and assault to drug possession and domestic abuse. He can protect both adults and children.

Bennett is a seasoned courtroom warrior who knows a huge amount about the law and uses it to build defenses that can’t be beat. He fights accusations with unwavering zeal. But Bennett’s commitment goes beyond his job.

As a native Austinite, he feels incredibly strongly about protecting the rights of his community. He continues to fight for the legal needs of people in Austin and Travis County with unwavering dedication.

Contact Details

Phone: 512-476-4626

Address: 1411 West Ave #100, Austin, TX 78701

Website: https://www.kevinbennettlaw.com

2. Dunham & Jones

Dunham & Jones, Attorneys at Law, P.C.
Paul Dunham
Dunham & Jones, Attorneys at Law, P.C.
Scotty Jones
Dunham & Jones, Attorneys at Law, P.C.
Carlton Alexander

Dunham & Jones has been a stronghold for people caught in Texas’s criminal justice system since 1989. Their criminal defense lawyers and DWI lawyers have fought for the rights of many Texans who are facing misdemeanors, crimes, and DWI cases.

They have a strong statewide presence with 17 offices. This well-known company is always dedicated to fighting for their clients, whether they are facing assault charges, drug charges, sex crimes, or a wide range of other offenses.

Dunham & Jones’s award-winning lawyers carefully plan strong defenses because they know how a sentence can affect people for a long time.

They offer flexible payment plans and private consultations. Their three-decade history shows that they will always fight for justice.

Contact Details

Phone: 512-777-7777

Address: 512 E 11th St, Austin, TX 78701

Website: https://www.dunhamlaw.com

3. Stephen T Bowling, DWI & Criminal Defense Attorneys

Stephen T Bowling
David M Thomas
Rafael Zapata-Yordan

Stephen T Bowling, DWI & Criminal Defense Attorneys fights for the rights of people who are caught up in Texas’s complicated legal system. They never give up on their goal of justice.

This strong team has a lot of experience with both DWI and criminal charges, and they carefully craft bold defense strategies that work in Austin and the surrounding areas.

Their history is full of hard-won wins, which shows how dedicated they are to making clients happy. Stephen T. Bowling’s lawyers do everything they can to get for him a good result because they believe that everyone deserves a passionate advocate.

This stronghold gives people access to private case studies 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which shows how dedicated they are.

Contact Details

Phone: 512-599-9000

Address: 816 Congress Ave. Suite 950, Austin, TX 78701

Website: https://www.dwiman.com

4. Cofer & Connelly, PLLC

Jeffrey Connelly
Rick Cofer
Geoffrey Puryear

The lawyers at Cofer & Connelly, PLLC have more than sixty years of combined trial experience, making them a strong presence in Austin’s legal scene. They have been through a lot of difficult cases and have a long list of hard-won victories that they got by knowing Texas’s courts inside and out.

They have unmatched knowledge of how the system works because they have been respected prosecutors, judges, and appointees to presidential, gubernatorial, and mayoral posts.

With deep roots in the history of the Lone Star State, these lawyers are the descendants of famous lawyers who used their ancestors’ knowledge to provide unwavering representation. From big cities to small places in the middle of nowhere, Cofer & Connelly works with people all over Texas.

Contact Details

Phone: 512-991-0576

Address: 602 W 11th St, Austin, TX 78701

Website: https://www.coferconnelly.com

5. Smith & Vinson Law Firm

Jarrod L. Smith
Brad Vinson
Fernando Ruiz

At Smith & Vinson Law Firm, they are always looking for justice because they know how much it hurts people personally and professionally when they are accused of a crime. This determined legal team doesn’t leave any stone unturned in their never-ending fight for their clients.

They use virtual meetings and credit cards to make sure that everyone can get help. They know how to handle protective order defenses in cases of domestic abuse and neglect, which can be very tricky.

Smith & Vinson’s lawyers are dedicated to getting the best results for their clients, whether that means reducing or dropping charges, reducing the severity of the punishment, or obtaining a full pardon.

Their strong criminal defense business is built on this unwavering commitment.

Contact Details

Phone: 512-308-3001

Address: 1411 West Ave UNIT 124, Austin, TX 78701

Website: https://www.smithandvinson.com

Frequently Ask Questions

  1. How do I find the right criminal defense lawyer for my case in Austin?

    To find the best criminal defense lawyer, you should look into their experience, track record, area of expertise, communication style, and how well you get along with them during meetings.

  2. What are the typical fees charged by top criminal defense attorneys, and do they offer payment plans?

    The hourly rates of top lawyers range from $300 to $1,000 or more. For ease of use, many offer payment plans and take credit cards.

  3. How important is local experience and familiarity with Austin courts/judges for a defense lawyer?

    Local knowledge is very helpful because it gives you an idea of how courts work, what judges like, and the best ways to use the legal system in Austin.

  4. Can a skilled lawyer get charges reduced or dropped in cases with strong evidence?

    Lawyers who are good at their jobs look over the proof, talk to prosecutors, and use legal strategies to get charges dropped or reduced when they can.

  5. What strategies do the best Austin lawyers use for DWI/DUI cases to avoid convictions?

    Some common ways to defend against a DWI charge are to question the law of sobriety tests, blood alcohol analysis, and traffic stops in order to weaken the prosecution’s case.

  6. Do criminal defense attorneys in Austin have specialized teams for different types of crimes?

    A lot of law firm have teams of experts who only work on certain types of crimes, like DWIs, drug crimes, violent crimes, or white-collar crimes.

  7. How do top Austin lawyers ensure robust attorney-client confidentiality and privacy?

    Top lawyers protect the attorney-client privilege, meet in private, make sure that emails are kept private, and follow strict rules for data protection.

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