5 Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Dallas

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Having to deal with criminal charges can be stressful and change your life, so choosing a lawyer is very important. Some criminal defense lawyers in Dallas have gotten to the top of the city’s complicated legal system. They are known for their unwavering dedication, strategic brilliance, and never-ending search for justice.

This piece goes into detail about the five best criminal defense lawyers in Dallas. Each of them has an amazing track record of getting good results for their clients.

From seasoned courtroom veterans to legal geniuses, these professionals have the knowledge, determination, and kindness to handle even the most difficult cases. They are a beacon of hope for people who are going through the criminal justice system.

1. Dunham & Jones, Attorneys at Law, P.C.

Paul J. Dunham
Paul J. Dunham
Scotty D. Jones
Scotty D. Jones
Carlton Alexander
Carlton Alexander

With more than 30 years of experience, Dunham & Jones’ criminal defense lawyers and DWI lawyers have been a reliable partner for Texans facing minor or felony charges.

This well-known law company has offices all over the state, from Amarillo to Corpus Christi and El Paso to Houston. They have worked hard to defend clients accused of assault, drug crimes, sex crimes, and DWIs.

Their unwavering devotion to giving their clients a strong defense and looking into all possible ways to keep their records safe is proof of how dedicated they are.

Dunham & Jones carefully crafts case strategies because they know that a conviction can change a person’s life. They offer free, private consultations and flexible payment plans to make sure that everyone can get legal help.

Website: www.dunhamlaw.com

Phone: (214) 888-8888

Address: 6060 N Central Expy #888, Dallas, TX 75206

2. The Law Office of Mike Howard, PLLC

The Law Office of Mike Howard, PLLC
The Law Office of Mike Howard, PLLC
The Law Office of Mike Howard, PLLC

For people in Dallas, Texas, and the surrounding areas, The Law Office of Mike Howard, PLLC is the trusted legal partner they need to get through the complicated criminal justice system.

As a company, this one is deeply committed to compassion and honesty, and they treat each client as a unique person who deserves individual care.

The team doesn’t just know the facts of the case; they also take the time to get to know their clients, their needs, and the unique situations they are in. They make the legal process less scary by using clear communication and the newest, safest technology. They make sure that clients know their rights and choices at all times.

Their 24-hour jail release service is another example of how committed they are to helping people in all kinds of ways when things get tough.

Website: www.mikehowardlaw.com

Phone: (214) 761-3476

Address: 3010 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy #1200, Dallas, TX 75234

3. DFW Criminal Lawyers L.L.C.

DFW Criminal Lawyers L.L.C
DFW Criminal Lawyers L.L.C
DFW Criminal Lawyers L.L.C

DFW Criminal Lawyers L.L.C. stands out because it really cares about how criminal charges affect people. This Dallas-based firm knows that facing these kinds of accusations can be very upsetting, so they handle every case with compassion and a focus on the client.

Their team of dedicated lawyers knows how serious the situation their clients are in because they specialize in a wide range of criminal issues, such as assault, DWI, drug crimes, and expungement/non-disclosure agreements.

DFW Criminal Lawyers L.L.C. focuses on the Dallas-Fort Worth area and uses its many years of experience to help people understand how the local legal system works. They offer personalized support and smart advice during these tough times. Their caring method shows how much they care about standing up for people.

Website: www.dallasfortworthcriminallawyer.com

Phone: (817) 229-0319

Address: 2603 Oak Lawn Ave STE 200, Dallas, TX 75219

4. Harris & Harris Law Group, PLLC

Harris & Harris Law Group, PLLC
Harris & Harris Law Group, PLLC
Harris & Harris Law Group, PLLC

Harris & Harris Law Group, PLLC is a bright spot for people in Dallas, TX who are facing criminal charges. The Harris twin brothers run this family-owned business. Between them, they have 34 years of experience and are always committed to giving each client individual care.

They treat every case with great care because they know that being convicted of a crime can have many effects, from short-term effects like jail time and fines to long-term effects on jobs and homes. They stand out because they really care about their clients’ fate and know a lot about the law.

With a focus on criminal defense, Harris & Harris Law Group, PLLC is a refuge that gives people the advice and support they need to get through the complicated justice system at these crucial times.

Website: www.harrisandharrislaw.com

Phone: (214) 953-0340

Address: 2001 Bryan St Ste 1905, Dallas, TX 75201

5. Deandra Grant Law

Deandra Grant Law
Deandra Grant Law
Deandra Grant Law

In the field of criminal defense for almost 30 years, Deandra Grant Law has been a strong force, working hard to protect the rights of people who are charged all over Texas.

Because this company only handles DWI and criminal cases, it has become very good at what it does and learned a lot that not many other firms can match. Deandra Grant Law is led by a nationally recognized lawyer who teaches trial skills, cross-examination, and forensic alcohol tests. Every case they take on is handled with an unmatched level of skill.

People see them as a beacon of hope for people who are going through the difficult tasks of the criminal justice system because they fight hard for their clients and never give up on them.

Website: www.texasdwisite.com

Phone: (214) 225-7117

Address: 3300 Oak Lawn Ave UNIT 700, Dallas, TX 75219

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