Why Steve Klein Is the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Chicago

Manoj Prasad

Attorney Steve Klein’s reputation shines as a beacon of unshakable dedication and expertise in the field of criminal defense practice. Over the course of his career, which now spans more than a decade, Steve Klein has made it his mission to fight for the rights of people who are dealing with the often overwhelming obstacles presented by the criminal justice system.

Steve Klein has extensive experience in the courtroom, having defended clients facing anything from driving under-the-influence accusations to serious felonies.

In this in-depth essay, we’ll follow Steve Klein on his incredible journey from a psychology major to a successful defense attorney. Along the process, we will examine his commitment, achievements, and significant influence in the field of law.

Attorney Steve Klein
Full NameSteve Klein
Law FrimMark and Klein, P.C
Legal SpecializationCriminal Defense
Key Practice Areas– DUI cases, Traffic offenses, Drug Possession, Theft, Domestic battery, Felonies, Probation/supervision violations
Education– B.A. in Psychology from University of Southern California, Graduate of John Marshall Law School, Chicago
Notable Experience– Clerk at Cook County State’s Attorney Office, Cook County Public Defender, Felony Trial Division and Homicide Task Force
DUI Expertise– Certified in Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, National Highway Traffic Administration certification in SFST administration
Professional Affiliations– Illinois State Bar Association, National College for DUI Defense, National Advocacy for DUI Defense, Chicago Bar Association, DuPage County Bar Association, DuPage County Criminal Defense Association, National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, National Trial Lawyers Association
AwardsSuper Lawyers: Rising Star Award (2012 – 2015)
Appellate WorkWritten numerous appellate briefs challenging legal issues
Personal InterestsIce hockey, Chicago sports teams, music aficionado

The Early Years and Education

It was not by chance that Steve Klein became a lawyer. Starting with his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from USC, he had a solid groundwork from which to build. His future profession as a defense attorney would benefit greatly from his extensive education.

Prior to attending law school, Steve worked as a clerk in the Cook County State’s Attorney Office in Chicago because of his strong desire to do right.

Helping Dr. Park Dietz, a prominent psychologist and expert witness in the high-stakes death sentence case People of the State of Illinois v. Paul Runge, he got a vital insight into the inner workings of the criminal justice system.

A Change of Perspective

Steve Klein’s actual calling began to take shape during these formative years, despite his early exposure to the State’s Attorney’s office. The defense attorneys’ ability to think outside the box and build meaningful relationships while fiercely representing their clients captivated him.

He was in his final year at John Marshall Law School when he made a life-changing decision: he switched sides and started working for the Cook County Public Defender.

Steve’s dedication to criminal defense law was solidified by his rapid rise through the ranks of the Public Defender’s Office’s Felony Trial Division and Homicide Task Force. The lessons he learned here set the stage for the extraordinary career he went on to have.

Expertise in DUI Defense

Steve Klein has extensive experience defending clients accused of driving under the influence. He is prepared to handle the difficulties of DUI cases because of his training in Standardized Field Sobriety Tests and his accreditation from the National Highway Traffic Administration.

His commitment to remaining abreast of developments in DUI legislation, municipal regulations, and related technologies has made him an in-demand expert on the subject.

A Diverse Range of Cases

Steve Klein’s expertise is not limited to DUI defense, but that is where he first gained recognition. He has boldly taken on crimes ranging from drug possession and theft to assault and domestic violence.

Steve Klein’s versatility is shown in his ability to defend clients facing charges ranging from underage drinking to predatory criminal sexual assault.

The Courtroom Champion

Steve Klein is a formidable opponent in court. From holding summary suspension hearings to negotiating plea bargains, he has extensive experience in every facet of litigation.

His success in hiding evidence and winning cases before both judges and juries speaks much about his abilities as a litigator.

Steve is well-known for his extraordinary abilities as a trial attorney, particularly in the areas of jury selection, opening remarks, direct examinations, and cross-examinations. He has a special ability to persuade judges and jurors with his closing arguments.

Appellate Advocacy

Steve Klein’s legal expertise extends beyond the trial phase, as seen by his work on appeal briefs. His zeal to defend his clients’ interests is on full display in his efforts to overturn decisions upholding legal obstacles such as invalid Warning to Motorist forms, inappropriate denials of petitions to reverse statutory summary suspensions, and the inadmissibility of breathalyzer findings.

His landmark victory in People v. Moreland led to the reinstatement of driver’s licenses for thousands of people. This shows his commitment to fairness, not just for his clients but for everyone.

The Professional Network

Steve Klein is not only a brilliant lawyer, but also an involved participant in a number of important professional organizations for lawyers.

Among these are the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, the National Trial Lawyers Association, the National College for DUI Defense, the National Advocacy for DUI Defense, the Chicago Bar Association, the DuPage County Bar Association, the DuPage County Criminal Defense Association, and the Illinois State Bar Association.

His membership in these groups demonstrates his dedication to remaining on the cutting edge of the legal profession.

Personal Passions

Steve Klein is a well-rounded individual who has many interests outside of the law. Off the court, he shows off his athleticism as the goaltender for his hockey club, where his dedication and ability to cooperate with others shine. He feels a strong connection to his neighborhood as a lifelong fan of every Chicago sports club.

One further aspect of Steve’s character is his enthusiasm for music. He sees himself as a music connoisseur, and that interest almost certainly helps him think outside the box and be flexible while representing clients.

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