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Ex-Morgan Stanley Representative Charged with Stealing $3.5 Million from Clients

Emma Grant 4 Min Read

Someone who used to work at the El Paso, Texas branch of Morgan Stanley is accused of stealing millions of dollars from senior clients while they were there. Over the

The 5 Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Houston

Finding yourself facing criminal charges can be an intimidating and overwhelming experience. The consequences at stake make identifying the right

How Can I Determine If I Have a Valid Defamation Case

An in-depth examination of the facts, the law, and the context of the claimed defamation is necessary to determine whether

7 Min Read
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3 Best Personal Injury Attorney in Tucson – Updated December 2022

We’ve researched over 100 best personal injury attorney in Tucson, Arizona, and out of these, we selected the 3 best and most popular injury attorney in the city. We selected

Criminal Defense Lawyer Duties
9 Min Read

Written By: Manoj Prasad Verified By: Gerald Miller, Criminal Defense Attorney A criminal defense lawyer is responsible for representing individuals

Biden Administration Urges Supreme Court to Maintain Broad Access to Abortion Pill
4 Min Read

The Biden administration has asked the Supreme Court to keep the drug that is most often used for medicine abortions

Navigating Jurisdiction Challenges in Military Divorce Cases
4 Min Read

Divorce is generally difficult, but when a service member is involved, it may be more taxing on their emotions and

California Doctor Convicted in $2.8 Million Medicare Hospice Fraud Scheme
3 Min Read

A California doctor has been convicted by a federal jury for his participation in a multimillion-dollar scheme to defraud Medicare

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