DUI Lawyer: How to Find the Best One Near You

Written By: Manoj Prasad Verified By: Michael Gruszeczki, Attorney at duichicago.com Who is DIU Lawyer for? If you are facing accusations for driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while

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$1.89 Billion Cryptocurrency Fraud Scheme Orchestrators Charged by Justice Department

The U.S. Justice Department charged two key people today with crimes related to the cryptocurrency trading platform HyperFund. They say the platform was mostly a scam that stole nearly $2

Is Uncontested Divorce Right for You? Understanding the Pros and Cons

The financial and emotional costs of a divorce may be

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Exploring the Evolution of the First Amendment: From the Founding Fathers to the Modern Era

Explore the historical evolution of the First Amendment, from its

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3 Best Personal Injury Attorney in Phoenix, AZ – Updated December 2022

You will find hundreds of personal injury attorney in the

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Indiana Man Sentenced to 100 Years Fatally Shooting Wife in Front of 11-Year-Old Daughter

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN - A Jeffersonville man who fatally shot his wife in front of their

How to Choose the Right Elder Law Attorney for You

Selecting an elder care attorney is an important decision that can have major implications for

NJ Tax Court Rules in Favor of Taxpayer’s Appeal After Failed Postal Delivery

A new decision from the New Jersey Tax Court has made it clear that people

How the Supremacy Clause Works: Understanding Its Role in Federal Law

The United States Constitution is the cornerstone of American government because it establishes the parameters

The 5 Best Divorce Attorney in Philadelphia

Navigating a divorce in Philadelphia can be an extremely difficult and emotional process. With so much at stake, including financial

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Apple Seeks Dismissal of $1 Billion UK Lawsuit Over App Store Fees

Apple is up against a big court battle in the UK as it tries to throw out a lawsuit that

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Chaos at Chester Waffle House Leaves Two Stabbed, One Critical

CHESTER, SC - A late night stop for waffles turned into chaos when two customers were stabbed inside the Waffle

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Judge Grants Class-Action Status in NCAA Antitrust Lawsuit, Opening Door for Potential Billions in Damages

A federal judge has granted class-action status for the damages portion of an antitrust lawsuit against the NCAA, a ruling

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Justice Department Takes Legal Action Against Texas Over Controversial State Immigration Law

US Department of Justice has sued Texas over a new state immigration law. The Justice Department filed a lawsuit against

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Criminal Defense Lawyer Duties

Written By: Manoj Prasad Verified By: Gerald Miller, Criminal Defense Attorney A criminal defense lawyer is responsible for representing individuals

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Trial Date Set for Former President Donald Trump on Charges of Mishandling Classified Documents

Federal Judge Orders May 20, 2024, as Trial Start Date Importantly, on May 20, 2024, the trial of former President

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Supreme Court Upholds Biden Administration’s Immigration Enforcement Guidelines

The United States Supreme Court has sided with President Joe Biden's administration in a major court struggle with Texas and

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Wichita Man Sentenced to Over 6 Years for Stealing Car With Kids Inside

A Wichita man has been sentenced to more than six years in prison for helping steal a car last November that included two children. In November 2022, Tyler Kirkhart, 32,

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Memphis: Shelby County Man Sentenced to Over 15 Years for Fentanyl Trafficking

A Shelby County, Tennessee man was sentenced to more than 15 years in federal prison this month for possessing and selling fentanyl. Ehren Coble, age 46, was sentenced to nearly

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Family Dollar Fined $41 Million in Largest-Ever Food Safety Criminal Penalty

The US Justice Department has imposed a huge fine of $41.7 million on discount retailer Family Dollar. This is actually the biggest fine ever imposed in a food safety case.

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Florida Legislature Passes Controversial Social Media Ban for Minors

The Republican-led Florida legislature has passed a bill that would prohibit anyone under the age of 16 from using social media platforms in the state. The legislation, which passed the

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Trump Ordered to Pay $454 Million in NY Fraud Case

A judge in New York has officially told former President Donald Trump that he will have to pay a whopping $454.2 million in fines and interest if found guilty of

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Man Wrongfully Imprisoned for 6 Years Awarded $10 Million After Evidence Withheld

Man Wrongfully Imprisoned for 6 Years Awarded $10 Million After Evidence Withheld A man who spent over six years in prison for a murder he did not commit has been

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Find Best Personal Injury Attorney Near Me – Bestratedattorney.com

If you have recently been injured in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be eligible to receive compensation for damages like medical bills, lost income,

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Find Divorce Lawyer Near Me – Bestratedattorney.com

Going through a divorce can be an emotionally trying time. On top of that, navigating the complex legal process and financial implications on your own can seem overwhelming. That's why

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3 Best Personal Injury Attorney in Huntsville

As the second largest city in Alabama, Huntsville sees over 5,000 car accidents and 2,000 slip and fall cases each year. These and other serious personal injuries often require legal

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10 Best Immigration Lawyers in Los Angeles, California

With over 3.5 million immigrants calling Los Angeles home, California's largest city has become a major hub for immigration law. According to recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau, immigrants

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10 Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas

High-stakes gaming, a buzzing nightlife, and famous landmarks are just a few of the reasons visitors flock to Las Vegas. However, with all the tourists in town, mishaps are inevitable.

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8 Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Boston

The city of Boston is seeing an increase in the number of instances involving personal injury, with over 10,000 incidences being reported each year. Because of the rise in demand

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4 Best Divorce Lawyer in Phoenix, AZ

During the difficult emotionally, as well as difficult legally, process of getting a divorce, having skilled legal representation can make all the difference in the world. Recent research indicates that

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U.S. Transfers Nearly $500K in Seized Russian Funds to Aid Ukraine’s Power Grid

In a unprecedented move, the United States has delivered to Estonia nearly half a million dollars seized from a Russian smuggling network for immediate repairs to Ukraine's damaged electrical infrastructure,

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Didion Milling Execs Sentenced to Prison for Fatal Explosion Cover-Up

In a case highlighting the serious consequences of prioritizing profits over labor safety, several former executives of Didion Milling Inc. were sentenced to prison for their role in covering up

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